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Sup everyone Benner here puppy lover, tattoo enthusiast, wielder of the dark humor if I offend you I’m ok with that! 😬 I got into Kdramas back around 2011 idk exactly how it went down but I suspect Sandra had something to do with it 🤔 The first drama I ended up watching was none other than Boys Over Flowers and I was hooked. Growing up on novelas I lived for the drama but they were always too disgustingly long! 😭 That’s when kdramas came in clutch with their average 16-20 episodes which made my procrastinating feel not as bad. 😭 

Check out my fav kstuff below! If ya have any questions for me I might consider answering them via email:

My Favs!


I would have to say that my favorite kdrama is Psycho But It’s Ok (It’s Ok To Not Be Ok). I got sucked in within minutes and Seo Ye Ji can kill me any day! 🥴 I may or may not have a slight obsession for anything to do with psychopaths and the criminal mind, I blame it on my degree, which is why I’m living for Seo Ye Ji’s portrayal of a female with antisocial personality disorder (Although I gotta say the writers misdiagnosed her cause she for sure didn’t have antisocial personality disorder. Still enjoyed this drama tho!!)


Ok this one was tough I would have to say my fav couple is Ko Moon Young and Moon Kang Tae. Their chemistry was awesome and I liked how straightforward Moon Young was in her pursuit to win Kang Tae over! Usually it’s the male who goes after the female so this was a nice change to see. I also absolutely loved watching all their cute interactions and seeing them grow together throughout the drama 😭😭 and of course they were also hilarious especially Moon Young. Whenever I think of these two scenes of them yelling I love you to each other always comes to mind, that and their hatred towards the deer who always interrupted them 😂


I’ve watched many a kdramas in the past and I got to say that I prefer procedural dramas. I gotta have that murder and criming to spice things up! My second pick would have to be medical dramas cause who doesn’t like watching surgeries and shit. Currently my least fav dramas to watch are historical dramas I really don’t know why I think I watch I really frustrating one and since then I’ve stayed away.


*cue bromance song* So like I’m always down for a good old fashion bromance I mean who isn’t some of my fav bromances were in Goblin, Welcome to Waikiki, and Hwayugi. The broship between Lee Dong Wook’s character and Gong Yoo’s was great to see. The pretend hatred, the iconic appearance in the mist together, the banter it was top notch! They were hands down my top broship! The broship in Welcome to Waikiki between Lee Joon Ki, Kang Dong Goo, Bong Doo Sik and Kang Seo Jin was also pretty great. The banter in that drama was hilarious and the shenanigans the four got up to was as well! 😂 Lastly we can’t overlook the Hwayugi bros who were also hilarious in their over the top making each other's lives miserable but also low key having each other’s backs.


Alright so I usually can’t stand second leads they pretty much suck and go around causing all the problems. That being said the one second lead I had no problem with at all was Taecyeon’s character in Dream HIgh. I honest to god thought Suzy’s character was going to end up with Taecyeon’s. You can only imagine how thrown off I was near the end when Kim Soo Hyun’s character turned out to be the male lead. 😅😅


Yussss villains!!! I usually tend to lean towards sympathizing with villains but not all of them cause there are some super asshole villains out there that you just want to smack around. Anywho my fav kdrama villain would have to be Namgoong Min’s character from She Who Sees Smells. I absolutely loved the elegance of Namgoong Min’s character and the uniqueness of his killing style. It was cool ok but I’m not saying it was right so don’t go around killing people y’all! 😅 As a psych student I really enjoyed analyzing this character and it was a pleasant surprise to find out he had prosopagnosia or face blindness, something I totally wasn’t expecting!


Hmmm this was probably the hardest thing to choose cause I have a shit memory so trying to remember specific scenes from dramas was terrible I’ve just watched too many!! I ended up going with an umbrella scene from Love Rain. In the scene Jang Keun Suk’s character (young Seo In Ha) walks with Im Yoona’s character (young Kim Yoon Hee) in the rain while using a broken umbrella. It was just cute to see the effort young In Ha put into finding an umbrella for young Yoon Hee only for it to be broken. Then cute to see young Yoon Hee moving the umbrella closer to young In Ha so he wouldn’t get wet even though he was already soaking wet. Their shyness around each other was sooooo cute to watch, I couldn’t with young them. 😭 I really enjoyed watching their love story however unrealistic it was I still thought it was cute just like their reunion scene was.


Making me choose just one ost as a fav is cruel and unusual so I’m gonna list off a couple in the order of when I watched the dramas they came out in. Alright the og fav ost has to go to Becuase I’m Stupid by none other then our very own SS501 (DOUBLE S!!!). This is definitely a classic it came out in Boys Over Flowers and I still listen to it all the time as everyone should. Stranger by Bobby Kim is also a bob and if y’all haven’t watched Doctor Stranger what are you doing?! Go watch it! It's an awesome drama and the first drama I watched that talked about North Korea and gave me a small insight into what it might be like in North Korea. Next we got I Will Go To You Like The First Snow by Ailee who is a queen! This ost is from Goblin yussss and it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy v_v Whenever I listen to this song I’m reminded of christmas which is my fav holiday so I love listening to it. Painful Love by Lee Seung Chul was an ost from Misty which was a super intense drama but good regardless. It’s a pretty sad song, definitely good to listen to when you’re feeling down (I have it on my ‘Despair’ playlist). Next up we got Done For Me by Punch and Can You See My Heart by Heize which are both songs from Hotel de Luna. I LOVE these songs and had them on replay while watching Hotel de Luna and after watching the drama they’re just so good. They also make great sleeping songs especially “Can You See My Heart”!! Lastly we have In Silence by Janet Suhh which is an ost from Psycho But It’s Ok. This is also an awesome sleeping/despair song so add it to your playlists!


Ok so my fav actor would have to be between Lee Dong Wook, So Ji Sub, Lee Seunggi, and Ji Chang Wook. I know that’s a lot but I like them all and I’ve seen them all play brooding characters which I always enjoy. If I had to choose just one I’d have to go with Lee Dong Wook. I thought his character in Goblin was effortlessly hilarious and I also liked his character in Touch Your Heart! I’m excited to watch his newest drama, The Tale of a Gumiho, which I’m sure is gonna be awesome!


My fav actress would have to be between Seo Ye Ji, Park Shin Hye, Lee Yu Ri, Yoo In Na, and Shin Se Kyung. I love watching Park Shin Hye and I’ve watched most of her dramas since she was my fav for like forever, but after seeing Seo Ye Ji’s fabulous performance in Psycho But It’s Ok I think I’ve got a new fav! Seo Ye Ji was just a total badass and her other work has been good too! I also wanted to mention the other actresses cause I’ve really enjoyed their work as well and couldn’t not mention them.


So all the korean films I’ve watched thus far have been amazing! I haven’t watched many but I’m a little frustrated that they aren’t getting the international recognition they deserve. If I had to choose one film as my fav I would have to go with either Along with the Gods, Parasite, or Train to Busan.


I would have to say that my favorite kvariety show is Running Man BIG RESPECT BIG RESPECT!!!!! I could seriously watch that show all day and have on multiple occasions pulled all nighters to binge it. I enjoy watching the shenanigans amongst the members and can’t help but chuckle at all the betrayal. I especially found it hilarious when the PD nims tried to tone the betrayal down which obviously never happened cause Kwang Soo. 😂


Now if y’all don’t already know my favorite kpop group is Mamamoo I have dedicated an entire blog to them with many more to come! In fact I have also dedicated my life to being a moomoo and will not die in peace until I breathe the same air as them! Guilty as charged for spending way too much money buying Mamamoo merchandise, do I regret it? Um noo, will I keep doing it? hell yeah!! 🤑


Fooooood!!!! Let me tell ya as a baby I was insane and slept all day so nowadays I’m trying to make up for my wrongdoings by eating all day. I was told to include my favorite korean dish but I can’t choose it’s too hard!! There’s too many bomb ass dishes out there for me to just choose one. Recently I’ve had a huge craving for kimchi jjigae but I’m always down for some kbbq or japchae or bibimbap or ughh just any korean dish really except seafood. No I’m not allergic I just don’t like it. 😅