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Aayyyeee I’m Valerie, the maknae of Kdrama Weekly. So, I was gonna write a whole blog about how I got into Kdramas and Kpop, but I’ll just say it all here very quickly. Around 2011, I had just finished watching a novela (Mexican soap opera) and I needed more drama. That’s when Benner and Sandra started watching Boys Over Flowers so I did too. It became the first drama I watched but once I was done with it, I didn’t see any Kdrama/Kpop stuff until 2013 when Sandra showed us some Kpop music videos. I hated it at first for some reason I don’t remember 😬, but I ended up watching some Running Man episodes with Benner and got into Running Man. From there, I got into Kdramas and started listening to Kpop casually. After binging a bunch of dramas, I got tired of them and began looking for a new variety show to watch. I found the reality show Roommate, started liking EXO member Chanyeol who was on the show, listened to “Overdose” which they kept mentioning, decided I would only stan Chanyeol🙄, watched EXO Showtime, realized I was stupid to think I could stan only one EXO member, became an EXO-L, and the rest is history. 😨  That was a lot…

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My Favs!


I don’t have a favorite drama!! I’ve watched so many that I refuse to choose a favorite. Instead, I separate them into tiers. My list is separated into god tier, demigod tier, mortal tier, and 'that’s just sad' tier. 🙂


What even kind of question is this? I don’t really have a favorite. My fav couple changes every time I start a new drama because it’s usually the main couple of whatever drama I’m currently watching. If I really like a drama or a couple, it takes me longer to move on, but eventually I do, and thus, my favs change again. If I had to choose some though, I would prolly say, Yoon Shi Yoon and Jin Se Yeon from Grand Prince, Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung in Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds, Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin in I’m Not a Robot, and Lee Joon and Jung So Min in Father is Strange.


I don’t think I have a fav genre. It usually just depends on my mood, but I usually prefer dramas with a little bit of everything in them -- comedy, romance, crimes, maybe some fantasy. I have been in a historical drama mood recently though.


The bromance between Joon Ki and Doo Shik in Welcome to Waikiki. It was always hilarious when they were on screen together.


Second leads are usually annoying to me, so I don’t usually get the second lead syndrome, but I have had it twice, but only because I was absolutely certain that the female lead was gonna end up with the second male lead. Those two times were Dream High and School 2015. My favorite of the two is Yook Sung Jae’s character in School 2015. Gong Tae Kwang deserved so much better!! He was much better than Nam Joo Hyuk's character!!


This was a difficult one, but I think imma have to go with Lee Sang Yeob in While You Were Sleeping. He was so good as a villain he should do it more often! I remember hating his character so much while watching the drama. Yoon Shi Yoon in Psychopath Diary was pretty great too…….hehehehhe


This is definitely the hardest to choose!!! I've watched so many dramas and I either don't remember specific scenes or they’re hard to choose from! But I managed to narrow it down.. First I would like to mention Lee Joon's confession scene in Father is Strange and the scene where Yoo Seung Ho resets Chae Soo Bin in I'm Not a Robot as honorable mentions, but there's another scene that I liked more. I'm gonna have to go with the scene in Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People ep. 27 where Chae Soo Bin gets tied up on the pole to make Yoon Kyun Sang surrender. It was super short, but I thought it was a beautiful and sad scene 😭😭 especially with that OST! Ugh brings tears to my eyes every time!! 😢


Man I hate choosing fav songs!! This took me forever but I forced myself to narrow it down. Honorable mentions are: "Stranger" from Doctor Stranger, "When I Saw You" from Hwayugi, "First Love" from Extraordinary You, and "Magic Lily" from Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People. It was close between Auditory Hallucination from Kill Me Heal Me and “Magic Lily” from Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, but “Auditory Hallucination” wins. Such a fabulous song!! I will forever be mad that it isn't on Spotify!! 😡


Lee Joon


My fav was Park Shin Hye for the longest time but Chae Soo Bin managed to knock her out of 1st place.


Along with the Gods series.


My favorite variety show is, of course, the one that brought me into this whole world of Kdramas and Kpop--Running Man! I started watching this show around 2014 and binged all the episodes that had come out at the time in just a few weeks. That’s how good it is. I love watching all the betrayals and games. It’s also great to see the bad luck Kwangsoo, Yoo Jae-suk, and Ji Suk-jin have. It makes me feel better about my own bad luck.☹ This show is great and it deserves BIG RESPECT, BIG RESPECT!!


If you didn’t already know, I’m an EXO-L and have been since around May of 2015. There shall be lots of mention of EXO because of this and if you don’t like it then too bad! Get outta here or D.O. with it!! 😤


Food. Oh, how I love food. My favorite Korean food would prolly be KBBQ. I haven’t actually gotten to try too many Korean dishes, but what I see of them looks so good that I get sad watching them. Unpopular opinion, but I don’t like mukbangs. I don’t like the noises people make when eating, and I just don’t see the point of watching other people eat. If I wanna look at the food, I prefer to look for cooking videos or just pictures of it.