full house kdrama episode 15

Full House - Episode 15

Full Spoilers! We made it to the second to last episode! Some time has passed since Yong Jae and Ji Eun’s divorce. Yong Jae has fled to a temple in the mountainside to “mature” and try to get over Ji Eun. Min Hyuk takes this as an opportunity to propose to Ji Eun but she’s not ready to date anyone else; she still loves Yong Jae. Later, Yong Jae returns, fully intending to propose to Ji Eun. Some miscommunication and misunderstandings happen, Ji Eun finally tells Min Hyuk that she doesn’t plan on dating him ever, and Yong Jae finally mans up and proposes to Ji Eun properly. 

Full House (2004) stars Rain as Lee Young Jae and Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun.