healer kdrama ep 10

Healer - Episode 10

Full Spoilers! Young Shin, Healer, Moon Ho, and the whole of Someday News cause problems for the Elder by crashing Assemblyman Kim’s press conference and asking about the sexual assault allegations against him.

Everything is good for our leads, but Moon Shik faces trouble as Elder decides it’s time to get rid of Assemblyman Kim and make Moon Shik the next Mayoral candidate instead.

Meanwhile, Teacher finally shows up to speak with Healer and tells him about his father as well as the rest of the Illegal Broadcast Crew in their picture, which leads to Healer breaking into Moon Ho’s house to find out more. However, Moon Ho also comes close to finding Healer’s secret when he finds the phone Young Shin lost in her elevator accident in Park Bong Soo’s coat pocket.

Healer (2014) stars Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, and Yoo Ji Tae as leads.