Healer kdrama ep 11

Healer - Episode 11

Full Spoilers! Healer is forced to reveal that he’s been posing as Bong Soo to Moon Ho, who in turn tells Healer all about his dad and all the shady things surrounding his and Gil Han’s deaths. So a budding bromance between Healer and Moon Ho blooms.

The next day Moon Ho takes Bong Soo on a special assignment, where he begins filling him in more about his dad, Gil Han, and Moon Sik. Meanwhile, Detective Yoon corners Yeong Sin to try and get more information about Healer from her and warn her that he suspects that Healer might’ve murdered President Hwang and staged it as a suicide to clear himself as a murder suspect for Good Dude. Yeong Sin is shook but refuses to believe that Healer is a murderer, she instead emails him to request they go on a date.

Ahjumma, who receives this email eventually tells Healer and he immediately accepts and so he meets Yeong Sin for a socially-distant movie night after the theatre has closed, making sure she can’t see him. Despite this awkwardness, they leave feeling content and Healer tells Ahjumma that he wants to clear his father’s name so he can swoop Yeong Sin off to his future island and live happily ever after with her.

Healer (2014) stars Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, and Yoo Ji Tae as leads.