Healer kdrama Ep. 13

Healer - Episode 13

Full Spoilers! Teacher saves Healer from being kidnapped by Double S by posing as Healer. He’s taken to Double S HQ where Moon Sik arrives to see him, their reunion is interrupted when Detective Yoon arrives and takes Teacher into custody.

Meanwhile, Yeong Sin is led to the unconscious Healer by Ahjumma; she calls an ambulance and stays with him at the hospital. She becomes suspicious of what Bong Soo would be doing to get himself injured the way he did and eventually realizes he’s Healer.  She confirms it when she returns to his room to find him getting ready to slip away with Minion. 

Later Ahjumma realizes that one of the detectives on Yoon’s team are working with Secretary Oh. Her realization is too late as by the time Healer arrives to the police station, Teacher’s body is already being wheeled out by an EMT crew. He does, however, manage to give Detective Yoon some very important information regarding Moon Sik and leave Healer a coded message in his interrogation tape before dying.

Healer (2014) stars Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, and Yoo Ji Tae as leads.