Healer kdrama ep 5

Healer - Episode 5

Full Spoilers! Moon Ho tests the waters to see if his sister-in-law, Myung Hee, would be able to handle knowing that the daughter that she presumed dead for 20 years is in fact still living. It does not go well. Tensions between the Moon Bros. are high as Moon Ho suspects his brother knew that Ji An was alive the whole time, he confronts him about it but does not get a straight answer. 

Meanwhile, Healer is becoming more fascinated with Yeong Shin the more he spends time with her as Bong Soo despite thinking she’s bait. Ahjumma is concerned that he’s become distracted and will soon become a liability as Healer, so she contacts his Teacher to ask what she should do with Healer.

Healer (2014) stars Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, and Yoo Ji Tae as leads.