Healer kdrama ep 7

Healer - Episode 7

Full Spoilers! Moon Ho sells all his stock in order to buy Someday News so that he can report the things he wants without being censored by anyone. He immediately instructs everyone at Someday to begin digging into Assemblyman Kim and his accomplice, Hwang Jae Kook. Yeong Shin begins receiving special classes by Moon Ho to improve her interview skills as she will be attending the press conference where the assemblyman will announce his mayoral campaign.

In the meantime, Healer breaks into Moon Sik’s house and threatens him with exposing the contents of the video Moon Sik hired him to retrieve. On his way out, Healer runs into Myung Hee who mistakes him for his dead father, which scares Moon Sik even more.

Healer (2014) stars Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, and Yoo Ji Tae as leads.