Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey

Full Spoilers!

Young Jin Seon Min meets the Great Sage Son Oh Gong while on an errand, and the two make a contract which states that if Jin Seon Min frees Son Oh Gong from his prison, he will protect her whenever she calls for him. However, after being freed from his prison, Son Oh Gong takes the memory of his name from her, so she cannot call for him. The two meet 25 years later and a series of events (as well as some ill-fated destiny) result in Son Oh Gong becoming Jin Seon Min’s protector as she is the legendary Sam Jang who will grant great powers to anyone who eats her. 

Hwayugi (2017) stars Lee Seung GiOh Yeon SeoCha Seung Won, and Lee Hong Ki.

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