Fabricated City

**TRIGGER WARNING** In this episode topics of rape and suicide are discussed.  

Full Spoilers! Kwon Yoo your typical gamer is living his best gamer life when he’s wrongly tried and convicted for the rape and murder of an underage girl. Sentenced to life in prison he’s targeted for disrespecting the head honcho and must quickly learn to adapt in order to stay alive. Having been wrongly accused he hatches up an escape plan and is able to successfully escape. We then follow his journey as a fugitive as he meets up with his gamer friends to try and clear his name. Along the way he narrowly escapes death and recapture and is able to uncover the underground murder cover-up ring that put him in jail in the first place! 

Fabricated City (2017) stars Ji Chang WookShim Eun KyungAhn Jae HongOh Jung SeKim Sang Ho, & Lee Hanee 


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